Friday, 1 July 2011

Sharing some of my views about Macro photography : Part 1

I am totally new at photography and also for macro ... For the last 2/3 months i am trying to be perfect in macro as Raiyan Ahmed bhaia inspired me a lot for macro photography .

                               You can see some of his great work of Insect macro Here . I just want to share some of my little experience on insect macro . 

Now a days  you will see some of so called photographer tries to show off close up photos as macro photos . At first you really need to know which is Close up photography and which is macro photography .  Firstly "Macro" means enlargement....Commonly magnifying something which is difficult to see in details .

               The term life-size refers to the size of the subject itself that we are photographing and that must appear exactly the same size in our sensor or film too. It is also referred to 1:1 magnification where the first 1 is the length of the subject and the second 1 is the length of a film or sensor .

Lets Discuss about Frame :

There are two types of Dslr cameras 

  1.  Full frame Dslr 
  2. Crop body Dslr

Full Frame :

   36mm X 24mm
(Canon 5D MKii, Nikon D3, D700)

Crop Body :

  • 1.3x Crop(Canon 1D)
  • 1.5x Crop(Nikon D90, Pentax, Sony)
  • 1.6x Crop(Canon 450D, 7D)

Some of common missconceptions about macro photography :

  1. If we capture some photos from a very close distance then it's a macro photography . 
  2. If we snapped any photo with Cameras "macro" mode then it's a macro shot.
  3. Cropping after capturing a close up photo can make a macro photo .
  4. Composition does matters in macro .
  5. Light or flash doesn't matter that much .    


Lets start with two of my photos . I am giving those photos now and you have to choose which is macro and which is close up photo.

The First one :

You can see the original version hereflickr

The second one :

You can see the original version here : Flickr

Confused ??... lets see What's the choice of yours.

You can see my stream of Insect macro Through this link :              Insect macro By Kazi Sudipto .

                                                                                             My mentor in macro : Raiyan Ahmed .
Thanks to Raiyan Ahmed bhaia for his valuable informations :)

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED.............................


  1. Awesome man . Thanx for these brilliant informations . Have seen ur macro photography . it's brillliiaannntttt.... :)

  2. may b both of these photos are macro if um not wrong....nice informative post :)

  3. i think 1st one is close up photo .and the rest is macro.Bt dst tor photography pura osthirrr :)

  4. Thnxxx @tamim and whoever done the first cmnt....
    But tamim u r wrong :)

    @Roman....thnxxx a lottt dost :))... U r right dost :))...

  5. dip you are just progressing .keep up that good work. oneday we will find you among the best photographers of our country.

  6. Thanx a lottt dost.... It means a lott to me :))) @ Yasir Arafat...